99.9% Uptime Guarantee

99.9% Uptime – Guaranteed!

We offer a 99.9% SLA uptime guarantee with any shared, reseller or cloud hosting solution to ensure peace of mind. We couldn’t think of anything more frustrating than not being able to access your website or losing a potential customer due to unscheduled downtime.

Uptime explained

We understand uptime can get confusing; percentages, maintenance, credits, downtime and the like. So, we want to make our guarantee simple and clear so you know what to expect from us.

What is uptime?

Uptime is measured by a percentage and calculated by how long a server has been operating for without shutting down or how long its been accessible for outside of our network. When we say your website will be online and accessible at least 99.9% of the time, we mean your site could be inaccessible of up to approx. 45 minutes per month in a calendar year. Now of course this does not mean your site will be down (excluding scheduled maintenance) as we have superior technology and implemented only the best practices, ensuring best performance and highest reliability. Please note: scheduled maintenance does not affect uptime.

Scheduled maintenance

So why does scheduled maintenance not affect uptime? Well, your website is stored on a server (in a very-cool facility), and servers like every other machine require regular maintenance to operate fast and efficiently. So, during the wee hours of the morning, our server techs will perform a number of procedures to ensure your website continues to run quickly as possible without fuss. This is referred to as scheduled maintenance. However even with scheduled maintenance and the best techs in the world (yep, we got ’em!), sometimes things can happen, and that’s why we have implemented a guarantee – to protect you.

Our guarantee

If for some odd or catastrophic reason, your website is still not accessible after 30 minutes and it’s determined we are at fault, then we will refund you 10% of the value of your hosting plan (of up to 100% of your monthly fee) for the next 30 minutes and every 30 minutes thereafter until service is once again restored. If of course God has decided to flood one of our facilities, or a electromagnetic pulse swept across the city or some other tech in a facility (not related to us) tripped and fell, thus affecting one of our uplinks (network), then our guarantee does not apply.

Requesting a performance credit

In order to request a performance credit, you must contact us (in writing please) within 10 days of the reported violation and we will then have one of our friendly staff review it during Monday – Friday, 9AM to 5PM AEST.


To ensure a fair guarantee for both sides, the following is excluded from our uptime guarantee:

  • Scheduled downtime (of course!)
  • Problems outside of WebPal Solutions network (upstream providers, or client’s inbound connection) not affecting 100% loss to our network
  • Interruptions or failure of individual service caused by client, their employees, client’s customers, etc. to their service. These include inaccurate configuration, 3rd party software, client abuse or over utilisation of resources, hacked servers, attacks, exploits, or server hardware failures.

So there you have it! We’ve tried to keep our guarantee simple as pie, but if you still have questions or need any further clarification (or want some pie), please contact us – we’re always here to help.

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